How To Save Money As a Teenager 2019

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We always hear from our parent about saving, but as a teenager, we never listen to them. I created this blog post series on my site that mainly talk about saving money. Each person has a different goal of money. The teenager has a different purpose, the student has a different goal; an adult has different. Everyone should save money according to his goal. On this post, I mainly talked about saving for teenager.


The trend of piggybank is running for many years. Piggybank is a place where you can put your saved money. Piggybank should not be your wallet. We don’t want to keep our saved money in the wallet because if we keep money in the wallet, there are high chances that we used that money.
Many people buy a fancy piggy bank which I don’t recommend you to do. Instead, you can save this money and put it in box or jar. Don’t spend money on buying piggybank. You can use a water bottle, wooden box or jar as a piggybank.
As a teenager, we get attracted to every fancy little thing that we see our surrounding. This attraction leads us to poverty. We see this habit common in all teenager. This habit is bad, and we should take every single step to stop this habit. Every teenager must remember that as of now you may not have money in your pocket, but you have time. Time is as valuable as money; if you properly utilize time then in the future, you can buy a thing you want.
Piggybank is one of the ways to keep saving, but it is not only one. Anyone can break your piggy bank and take all your saved money. Don’t worry I am not demotivating you to save money.
You can open a saving account in a bank where you can keep your saving securely. One downside is that you need to go to the bank every time to put your money. In some countries, it is difficult for a teenager to open a bank account. You need identity proof to open a bank account.
You can give your saved money to a person you trust.


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